New Samsung Says Drop in Chip Will Hit Its Q1 Earnings 2019

New Samsung Says Drop in Chip Will Hit Its Q1 Earnings 2019,Samsung Electronics said Tuesday that the first quarterly profit will fall on the chip price and miss the market expectations due to meeting the needs of the display panel.

Apple suppliers and competitors told shareholders last week that the announcement comes that the global economic growth and the soft demand for memory chips, its core business, will put pressure on operations in 2019.
In a complaint to Samsung’s regulatory agency for pre-emptying its income guidelines next week, the company said it expects to reduce the price of the original memory chip products in anticipation. “
Samsung has not been detailed for its filing purposes. A company’s official worldwide leader of smartphones, televisions and computer chips did not previously comment on their earnings before making an estimate.


New Samsung Says Drop in Chip Will Hit Its Q1 Earnings

 New Samsung Says Drop in Chip Will Hit Its Q1 Earnings

According to Refinitive Smartstimetime, the KRW was recorded at the same time more than 50 percent below 15.6 trillion years ago, for the period January-March, the company predicted the operating profit of 7.2 trillion (6.4 billion dollars) operating profit.
His sale was expected to go down from KRW 60.6 trillion to KRW 53.7 trillion a year ago, it looks refinitive.
Liu-Sek, analyst at Shinugong Securities, said, “The index is heading towards its memory chip side and due to its poor sales of Apple’s iPhone, it is making Samsung’s profits in December.”

According to drum exchanges, the price of the memory chip has been reduced by more than 20 percent in the first quarter, according to a unit of Trendforge.
Diwa Securities is looking at Samsung’s 620 billion operating loss in the first quarter of Samsung’s Display Panel division, and the operating profit of semiconductor business will be reduced.

New Samsung Says Drop in Chip Will Hit Its Q1 Earnings Recovered Tipped

Analysts say the uncertainty over China-US trade pressure and China’s lazy economy are drawing attention of electronics manufacturers worldwide.
In particular, chipmakers have been hit by a transparency of the semiconductor industry worldwide, thereby reducing investment from smartphone sales vulnerabilities and information centers companies.
Samsung told shareholders at its annual general meeting last week that the first half of the sale of memory products could be revived after the first half of the energy.
American Chipmaker Micron Technology predicted the recovery in the memory chip market in the middle of the year, but the investors took the heart.
On Tuesday, Diwa Securities has demanded to increase demand in the better quality of memory chips and organic light-emitting diodes (OLDD) panels in the second half of 2014.
Samsung Electronics shares were down 0.2 percent as 0.20% GMT and the broader market was 0.3 percent higher.
Park Jung-Hun, a fund manager for Samsung’s owner HDC AssetManagement, said, “Samsung is supplying a signal to the market so investors can be ready and there is nothing to be surprised if Samsung will post its first-quarter earning guide next week.” Elec shares.
“His shares are not responding much, although concerns have been expressed in his first quarter.”

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